I'm not using a RO right now. It's summer right now so i can get away with a little less moisture, I think.

I've also been experimenting with completely natural washing and conditioning methods. im currently using water and honey as my "shampoo" which I find to be rather conditioning so it's the only thing I've been doing to my hair in the shower.

I'm also planning to make some herb and oil infused rinses for days when I want to condition because I just used a RO today for the first time in a few weeks and my hair was way OC'd and limp.

I use alba botanica products which do a really good job of detangling.
CG since 8/21/12
3B, Fine, Low-Med Density, Low Porosity, Normal Elasticity (I think...)

I love henna!

Poo: Shampoo Bar
Co-Wash: Yes to Cucumbers
LI: Innsersense Organic Beauty Sweet Spirit
Styler: Alba Botanica Strong Hold Gel

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