I wet my hair, raked KCKT through, scrunched in KCCC and BRHG, plopped in a t-shirt for about 10 minutes, diffused until dry (usually I just diffuse a little and let air dry)...

I had a bunch of wonky curls, and I'm reeeeeaally not liking how my ends are all stringy. That happens to my ends pretty much every day. Do you think it's due to however the stylist cut the layers?
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Hi Gracielou, my ends do the same thing. Am not sure if it's how it was layered, but my hair seems to be doing it more now that I got a regular cut ($50 with tip) vs the Ouidad cut ($125 with tip) back in January. I think for me, it is also the products and/or techniques I use that determine me having stringy ends. Anybody else?