OK, as a guy, I'll throw in a different perspective. I'm going to be 41 in less than two months. I definitely have a few strands of gray but honestly, I have no intention of coloring it. I don't care if it's gray. I just care if it's there. I'll take a head of gray hair full of curls.

However, since I notice a ton of gray hair on my face I go with the clean shaven look to look younger. Most people are surprised when I tell them my age.
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One of the things that convinced me to stop coloring was the stark difference between men and women. If you guys can do it, why can't I?
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Totally agree CurlyGrey! I am just too lazy to dye and/or go to the stylist every four weeks for touch-ups.

And Bobby, even with the "salt" growing in my pepper hair, I am still mistaken for someone younger :-)