My first few strands of white hair started to appear when I was sixteen or seventeen; now that I am pushing 44, my head is nearly all gray. I am continually on the verge of going natural, but after I get two inches of gray roots, I run back to the salon, ready for more color.

Here are my two questions.
1. How old were you when you decided to stop dying your hair?
2. Once you went gray and stopped coloring, was your hair healthier?
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1. The last time I had permanent dye in my hair was when I was 38 and it was some highlights to camouflage the few gray strands I had started getting.
2. I remember my hair was pretty damaged after that and at 41, I did a big chop. It was healthy, but i was using sulfates and 'cones. Fast forward another nine years and I am now six months CG and my hair is very healthy.

A few years ago (post separation/divorce at 44/45 years old), I read "Going Gray" by Anne Kreamer; I highly recommend this book.