Sorry this is so long. I got all chatty from too much caffeine ...

I completely relate to the burning and scabby scalp thing! Happened so often. Just like you, they kept it on a longer time than usual. Yeah, that surely was treacherous. Never again.

Never. Again.

Are you saying "lopo" is another term for "chemically resistant"? Also, when you say you had to roller set, blow dry and wrap, do you mean that's what you had to do to make it straight again after wetting it (like the problem I had)?

Too bad your cousin doesn't like her curly hair! Then again, it surely took me a minute to REALLY embrace mine (Let's be honest: it took years).

My mother has natural hair reluctance and is attached to the hot comb (no relaxers). Her attitude about natural hair is pretty extreme - one she shares w/many of her generation. It took a while for me to realize that my sibs and I may have disliked our hair, in part, because of her attitude toward her own. And years after going natural, I finally grasped that it's pointless to try and change her attitude. Her natural hair (from what I recall * sigh *) looks gorgeous but she "reasons" that - are you ready? - all African hair is "ugly and hard like steel wool" because of the "Biblical curse of Ham" ... I mean I just love her but she needs to invest in different reading material and get out more. Maybe - I say this sarcastically and I think you'll get it - maybe she is the one justification for that "Touch My Hair Campaign" petting zoo situation. I mean, maybe she could get educated on how soft and healthy natural hair often is. Again, I really think she suffers a lot from certain generational thinking. Seems we younger folk have advanced beyond some of this stuff. I certainly hope so. Btw, I've noticed many of my older Jewish peeps suffering the same kind of curl phobia.

You brought up the BKT and my reaction was "Oh yeah, another dodged bullet" LOL ... Have heard so many people complain about dry hair (like your cousin's) ... or general hair damage, because of that mess. Almost got this "treatment" one time. Did you ever get a BKT, or consider it?

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