In all honesty, I thought this was okay and would be even better if they showed more African-American women with different hair types like 3a so those who aren't educated can tell our hair comes in many different types. This really shouldn't be considered a petting zoo because most people are making it seem as one.

My hair has been curly since the day I was born and since I was growing up I've been asked about my hair and if people could touch it. At first I thought it was ignorant but after a while I realized people are just curious since "black" hair isn't represented as "good" hair in the beauty world and the media.
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Other than 4b, most other ethnicities, especially those considered white, have curly and kinky curly hair. I would think a predominantly black person with 3a hair would be more of an exception than a rule.

Maybe I am just jaded and have been the victim of people studying my facial features as if I am an animal too many times to not see this as a freak show. It is one thing to ask one person in private about something racially unique, but another thing entirely to be put on display.

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Really all these girls did was to educate people on "black" hair and they did it in a very simple, blunt, way.

Wether you like it or not they broke down stereotypes against "black" hair against African-American women and they accomplished that. In my opinion this was an event meant positive for African-American women turned negative by African-American women.