What does the Tea Tree oil do in FSG?

The tea tree oil adds scent, repels bugs, is antifungal (which helps preserve it longer), slightly moisturizing, and stimulates the scalp. I like to do a scalp massage once a week with 2 teaspoons evoo and 4 drops of tea tree essential oil. It brings more blood circultion to the scalp which stimulates hair growth, I also do not like the smell of plain FSG so I aded the tea tree, it just so happened that it had those benefits.
Curly Girl Method
Curl pattern-mostly 3a with some 2c and 3b
Lenght-Medium (growing out)
*Weekly heated oil treatments..evoo or evco
Cowash-suave naturals
Styler-16 tbls garnier fructis sleek & shine intensely smooth leave in conditioning cream, 10 tbls aloe vera gel, 6 tbls agave nectar, 1oz cocoa butter, 1ts vitamen E oil, 1ts evoo, 1ts apricot oil... and sometimes flax seed gel