Hey everyone!

What many of us don't realize (and I didn't realize for the longest time as well) is that there are things that we can do on a daily basis to prevent unnecessary and excessive hair shedding and longer term damage. I would sometimes have women in their 40s or 50s coming in for hair treatments and the condition of their hair/scalp was more like that of an 80 year old. This was due to years of neglect or improper daily hair treatments... And none of us want that for ourselves right?

Some of the top things we can do daily include:

- a daily 5-10 minute scalp massage will stimulate circulation but do it GENTLY

- Avoid brushing hair when wet and brush lightly with preferably wide-toothed combs

- Eat protein-rich foods which include salmon and trout, eggs, spinach, beta carotene rich sweet potatoes, and many more staples

- Hot oil treatments also yield positive results in my experience

Anyone want to add anything to this?
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