Ingredients: Water, saponified coconut, hemp & olive oils with retained glycerin, black soap concentrate, organic shea butter (butrysopermum parkii), fragrance, vitamin e (tocopheryl acetate), sea salt, citric acid, rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) extract and caramel.

I just have to say how awesome this soap is (you can't go wrong with any Dr Woods soaps). I have used other products before but hadn't tried this one. I was looking for a healthy bodywash alternative for my boys (hubby, ds13, and ds7). I came across an amazing subscribe and save deal on Amazon - I got 12 bottles of this! The best part is they use it from head to toe. Dh has curly hair that he keeps very short. Ds 13 has crazy thick curly hair that he likes "long" - (right now his hair looks like an old lady football helmet) Both of them are prone to very dry and irritated scalp. DS7 has nearly straight hair that can get kind of stringy looking with the wrong shampoo and no scalp problems.

After a couple of weeks - all of them have hair that looks better. No dry scalp on the big boys! They use it as a body wash and their skin is very soft. They also like the scent. I use this as a body wash myself - and am comfortable using it on my hair if I ever want to clarify. I just haven't gotten to that point yet. DS 13 is in a play right now too, and this has been an amazing way to remove makeup without drying out his face.

Another advantage is that it can be used with other natural ingredients to make your own household cleaners. I have a great recipe that I got from an Oprah show that makes my bathroom sparkle!
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I believe I have a liter of this that I haven't used. What's the recipe for bathroom cleaner?