I'm quasi-looking. Like PH, I have a good job which I mostly enjoy. But it is not a life ambition for me. I'm going to finish my MA in June, and I'm casually testing the waters. I can just as easily stay here for a while, but I'm kind of hankering for something better where I can put my newly increased skills to work.

Right now my dilemma is this: do I look for teaching jobs (think I would like to do that eventually, maybe right now but not necessarily) or do I look for something closer to what I have now, but better?

I've only put out a few resumes, but I did get called on one for a phone interview. The phone interview went great. The person told me that they were going to have a series of phone interviews that week, and then they'd call their top candidates in for an in-person interview. She told me "off the record" that I should plan on coming in, and they'd let me know at the end of that week or early the next week. Well, I hadn't heard anything by the next Friday, so I just gave a quick call...wanted to let you know I'm still interested, hoping to hear, etc. But I haven't heard back on that and it will have been a week tomorrow.

Now, I think it would be a complete 180 for her to go from raving about how well I'd fit in with them, to not even bringing me in for an interview, but I realize things happen. No biggie. But I would at least like to know that so I know where I stand. And I also realize that things happen and things get delayed and it's possible they are just moving way behind schedule. With my current job, it took months to go through the whole process, and at at least two different points I had more or less written it off, thinking that I must be out of the running since I hadn't heard from them in forever. Well, obviously I wound up getting the job.

But if this lack of communication and dragging out of projects is par for the course in this company, maybe I want to think twice about taking it (if I get offered it), even though it seems like a good opportunity. I'm a good spot; I can afford to be choosy.

I've looked for enough jobs in my life to know this is a pretty common dilemma, but still. Soooooo aggravating!
2b-ish--embracing my waves this summer
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