Other than 4b, most other ethnicities, especially those considered white, have curly and kinky curly hair. I would think a predominantly black person with 3a hair would be more of an exception than a rule.

Maybe I am just jaded and have been the victim of people studying my facial features as if I am an animal too many times to not see this as a freak show. It is one thing to ask one person in private about something racially unique, but another thing entirely to be put on display.

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Really all these girls did was to educate people on "black" hair and they did it in a very simple, blunt, way.

Wether you like it or not they broke down stereotypes against "black" hair against African-American women and they accomplished that. In my opinion this was an event meant positive for African-American women turned negative by African-American women.
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I understand their good intentions, but I still think it is weird and sad. I don't have to agree with something to understand it.

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As I said earlier it is their hair to do with as they please but I don't understand the purpose of this " education" and what is the intended result. Racial cumbaya over hair? why have an event focused solely on eliminating stereotypes in another race when there is so much of the same thing among blacks? And why care what others think or don't think about my hair?. I personally don't give a darn about other people's misperceptions of how my hair feels. This exhibit has the feel of trying to justify ourselves and make white society okay and accepting of us. That honestly is what rubs me wrong. I went natural because I accept me. If others don't that's their problem.
. If the point is they think for a minute letting people cop a feel this one time will get them to leave them alone forgetaboutit. I have friends of all races who I keep my hair in a ponytail around because as soon as they see me they go straight for the hair. The worst is this older Mexican man is always saying "dame un riso" . If I had a burning desire to touch a person's hair of another race I would just ask a friend of that race if I could touch theirs. It is kind of sad if an exhibit like this would be someone's only opportunity to touch a black person's natural hair.

I would be scared to go to this and put my hands in a strangers hair anyway because of lice. I have never actually known a black person who has had lice but I hear it is possible.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.