Here it is - the recipe calls for castile soap but I've used dish soap in a pinch. I am using it now with the black soap and it is still great. You use very little soap for this particular recipe!

Gorgeously Green All-Purpose Spray
32-ounce plastic spray bottle
2 cups water
1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
1 teaspoon pure castile soap (peppermint is a favorite)
3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
20 drops tea tree oil
20 drops of lavender or lemongrass essential oil
Simply fill a large 32-ounce plastic spray bottle with the water. Add the vinegar, castile soap, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil and lavender or lemongrass essential oil. Lavender is lovely for the bathroom spray and lemongrass for the kitchen, so make two separate bottles at the same time. In the hot summer months, add about 10 drops of citronella essential oil to the spray, as it is an excellent insect repellent.

This spray is suitable for acrylic, ceramic tile, wood, marble and granite.

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