A few years ago (post separation/divorce at 44/45 years old), I read "Going Gray" by Anne Kreamer; I highly recommend this book.
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how does this book compare to "going gray, looking great," by diana jewel? i loved that book and her old website, got me thru my transition!
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I haven't read that book, but will see if I can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I don't like going to the hairdresser and now that my hair has gotten long enough and healthy enough, I only go twice a year to get it trimmed. I know if I was getting the gray dyed out of it, I'd have to go every three weeks and I would start resenting my hair and the whole process in general. It has been awhile since I read "Going Gray", but I do remember the author estimated how much money she spent dyeing her hair over the years and it shocked me. Of course the money I've spent on hair products in the last six months is shocking, but the products that didn't work for me went to my daughters or a friend with a curly haired child.