I was wondering if anyone had people make rude comments about their curly hair that really stayed with them? We can commisserate together! SOrry if this has been done.

I'm 26 now but these comments have stuck with me and given me a really negative image of my hair:

1 Walking down the school bus aisle I overheard one guy say "you know whose hot (referring to me)," guy 2 says "Eww with that huge mass of hair," "guy 1 says "WHo cares just put a bag over her head she has huge..."

2 In JH 1 of my best friends was running her hands through my hair. I asked her to stop saying it messed up my curls and I was having a bad hair day. SHe said "You *ARE* a bad hair day" In HS this same girl said, after I came to school with a temp straight style "YOu should keep it that way...."

3 In JH this boy said my hair felt like "ruberized sheep wool." :x

4 In preshool this girl put mud in my hair. And made some crappy comment that escapes me now.

5 When I was 10 I went shopping w/my grandma who has fine silky hair. WHenever a sales lady waited on us srandma would say "Look what the wind does to our hair"--desperately trying to smooth down my locks. Resistance is futile grandma

6 In hs my boyfriend saw a childhood picture of me. He said "Oh my God yo had a FRO". THere's nothing wrong with fros, but It wasn't anywhere close to a fro. Ignorance, ignorance.

7 In 7th grade a stylist chopped off 3/4 of my long hair when I'd asked for a trim. When I walked in a classroom to deliver a letter, everyone simultaneuosly gasped--DAAAAAAMMMMMN her hair is so frizzy. DAAAAMMMMN.

8 In the locker room in JH the girls would always tell me to get a relaxer.....unsolicited advice.

ANyway, I feel better now. SOrry for the vent. ANy similar experiences?
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God bless yr memory! Now for the real test - can you remember some of the good things people have said about yr hair.

It doesn't really matter what people say esp high schoolers because if it weren't yr hair, it'd be something else.

I remember some of the really hurtful things that people said to me growing up.

But I get more upset about the fact that I didn't say much & kinda accepted it.

Now I think, damn, I shouldn't have accepted that because it was plain rude & insulting. I can think of 101 great comebacks now after the fact & at the time I couldn't even muster the courage to say one out loud.

Now God help anyone that tries to insult me