Here's mine: Gel Kam. Gel Kam is available in most drugstores for sensitive teeth. A great product!

I was having pain in a tooth and saw my dentist. He can't take x-rays because I've had brain tumors so he bangs on my teeth and pokes around with sharp instruments to try to locate the pain and see if it is a cavity or not. I DREAD the dentist!

Long story short, he wasn't sure what was causing the pain and recommended Gel Kam. It worked like a charm. Pain is gone. CP is happy!

Post your great but little known products!
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I have extremely sensitive teeth so I really appreciate the rec^^^.

My recs are 1) magnesium malate for body aches, muscular pain, nerve pain, stress and anxiety. Magnesium oxide for constipation. (Thnx, Crimsonshedemon)

2) Black & Decker "the Mouse" hand sander and three grit levels of sand paper for my extremely callous prone, rough hoof-like dry heels. My feet laugh at everything else. (Ped Egg? buwhahahaha Pumice stone? heeeheeeeheeee you're killing me!)