Hmm. Strange. I had a blast every time. My family still goes to the camping at beach for a week during spring break every single year. They have a palapa that is a permanent structure at the spot they go to, there is a toilet, but we all post our tents and create our family tent village and kick it fun style. You go to the palapa for the shade and food, we have a kitchen area, a bodega area, a shower area, an enclosed toilet (of course it doesn't flush, but we got plenty of water and a bucket) and all the hammocks you can want. Perfection!

And I've camped with an ex up and down the coast. It was always fun. There is always SOMEWHERE to shower off with some fresh water, and its just gorgeous.

I'm really surprised that so few like to camp. I always thought that was a stereotype of women that was untrue.

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