But maybe that's the point. Most black women here at NC and those around me in real life DON'T let anyone touch their hair ever. If they did, there would be no need for the exhibit. If women with long silky straight hair NEVER let anyone touch it, it would be the same thing. People would want the opportunity to see what it feels like.
I guess being white means I don't see this as a race exhibit but as a hair exhibit.
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Hi Jeep. The fact is if everyone on display is black and the people being invited to touch are all white then imo it is a race exhibit. I'm not saying anyone who would want to touch is racist or uneducated. I'm saying I think it is disrespectful to put people on public display solely based on their race like they are an anomaly. . I also don't think your being white is the end all for your perspective. Everyone here is an individual. Im not the spokesperson for blacks. I speak for only me. As you can see there are black people in this discussion who disagree with me and white people who agree with me. I think these exchanges of ideas are great.

My experience is that unless she can't stand you if a black woman you know reasonably well gets that upset over a little r hair touching that isn't excessive or ruining her style my money says she is likely wearing a weave. You probably aren't interested in touching that. Those things are expensive and some women won't let even their so touch them. But if we ever meet I promise to let you feel me up hair wise Lol. You might be disappointed because my hair just feels like hair. Unless I overdo it with the protein.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.