Hey, Josphine, you're in Georgia, aren't you?

Camping can be fun. I don't like to poop in the woods but I am ok if I have tp, wet wipes, and privacy. It would be ok for a few days but not for more than that.

Make sure you take extra supplies incase your period starts earlier or you are feeling frisky...lol. Have fun and be prepared. You might actuallly have fun. Bring extra tp, meds (Tylenol and such) and just relax. I can go with you.
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Yea, I think if I have some water and tp ill be okay. A few days, preferably 2 max would be good.

Yep, i'm in ga, have you been to camping anywhere here? My friends wouldnt even get into the lake so I doubt they would want to camp. They're worse than me lol. A few people told me I'd probably like it, just seems a bit scary.