I wasn't entirely sure where I should ask this question, but since I went to college my hair has changed drastically and gotten thinner. My 3b hair has always been thin, I only realized when I first straightened my hair how little I had! At my school I always felt like the water smelt weird like very earthy but my roommate didnt really notice. I was using mane n tail then decided to try no poo method then went to natures gate and now im using shea moisture. So my product bipolar-ness probably has something to do with it. When I was doing the no-poo thing my hair felt really weird and it was always hard to comb through. I straightened it sometimes and started noticing breakage, like random clumps of hair would be superrrrr short. Now I have to wear a headband everyday and tuck in the sides or they stick out and I look like alfalfa...Right now my hair feels very fluffy towards the bottom almost like cotton candy. about two inches down from my scalp my hair is stick straight, I also have dandruff. I literally dont even know what the hell is going on. I was in the protein sensitive folder thinking it could be that? Anyway this has been a long tangent that I hope someone reads I'm planning to cut it a little longer than chin length and just restart and use shea moisture products?
picture with short hair was in high school
picture with long disgusting ass hair is current :/
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