Hey Curly Girls. I've posted about my dry scalp before and nothing has helped! Here's what I have tried:
-Hot Oil treatments
-Tea Tree Oil (the oil and the shampoo)
-Pure Moroccan Argan Oil
-Brown sugar scrubs
-Dandruff shampoos

I've had this problem for years but somehow I was able to keep it decent looking however, it is at its absolute worse. I was diagnosed recently with Lupus so I'm starting to believe that maybe that's the reason why. What other remedies or products do you recommend? I looked into the Shea Moisture African Soap shampoo/conditioner line, what are your opinions? I would prefer something budget friendly, moisturizing, and safe for color treated hair. Thank you!! I need your help!

3a/3b curls.
Medium texture, medium porosity, and extremely protein sensitive.
Moderate CG? No harsh sulfates, limited 'cones.
Poo: L'oreal Ever Sleek
Condish: GVP Conditioning Balm
Deep Condish: L'oreal Ever Pure
Styling products: Bumble & Bumble smoothing creme, Not Your Mother's Curl Creme, and Giovanni gel.