I forgot to mention that my scalp isn't very itchy, just flakey. The flakes are scaley and white. With Lupus, skin rashes are common so I thought, possibly it would be related to this. I have a check-up with my rheumatologist next month so I will ask him and see what he says.

I have changed my diet since May because I was having a lot of GI issues so my rhuemie told me to change my diet. I have been drinking tons of water, eating fruits and veggies, and homemade foods vs fast food. So, I don't think my diet might be the issue.

In the meantime, do you suggest anything that could help eliminate the flakes or tame them? It's just really embarrassing. Also, I'm running low on product and want to buy something that will help.

Thank you for your responses! I will stop doing all of the things I have been trying as it won't benefit my scalp.

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