Woods from a near distance: wonderful.

Woods up close: even better.

Woods when within them: prickers! ticks! things that bite and scratch!
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Your too spooky, Claudine. Too spooky indeed
I live in the middle of the woods and have not had a tick (knock on wood) since 1979. I was naked, sitting on a watermelon (who knows why, I was 4), and ended up with a tick on my butt. I lived to tell the tale.

Given the fact that I grew up with one of the worlds oldest mountains as my playground, I don't worry about that stuff. I've been tangled up in briars, brambles, burs, spurs, prickles and sticky weeds and poison oak. I've caught ground and water snakes and bugs (been bitten by a few too), and lizards for fun. I will lay down in a field, roll down a hill, jump in a mud puddle, go exploring by myself (with no fear of getting lost), etc. And then come home, take a bubble bath, paint my nails & put on makeup and a pretty dress and go out. I mean, it's not like it does not come/wash off.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??