It looks fantastic! The shape is great and it really suits you. Isn't it great to get a haircut you love? I'm going to get mine cut today after about a year of experimenting with growing it out, and I cannot wait to get it chopped off, lol!

Congrats on a great cut!
Originally Posted by Rustina
rustina -- i'm curious as to why and how you are cutting your hair. i love your avatar, but i've seen photos in other threads so i know it is much longer. i'm asking as i am considering changing my style -- having layered hair around the front, having the front shorter than the back. now it's more of a blunt cut with lots of pieces (avatar). it's the sides of my hair, the very white pieces, that give me a problem, they either look like cotton candy or like heavy hair. there are some days that they just curl up and it looks fabulous, but not on a consistent enough basis. i talked about it with my stylist and he says it is from the loss of texture in the white hair. (i will never color again, love the color and ease of my hair, so i have to figure out best cut for the texture.)

can you put some photos here?
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