Lard Gawd above, I can nit understand Baptist Churches. Yes, I was raised baptist. I went to a few different baptist churches. Really, other than methodist, there were no other options here until the late 80's and early 90's. Anyway, back on track, I swear they will fight with a rock. Every baptist church in my area has had at least 3 major blow ups, and break downs within the church, and all over the dumbest s**t on the planet. I was lending an ear to my co worker today, who is very upset over the state of her church. They booted out the preacher because they thought his wife had cooked a meal for the church and he lied and took credit for it. His wife was sick, and could not cook, so he did make the meal himself. What kind of dumbassery is that? Who cares? But it is always something of this nature. That is why I decided I was simply not meant to be baptist many years ago. I could not deal with all the petty BS. That and I am not too keen on the women should know their place attitude in the church either. It's strange to me that in my co workers church around $400 is spent on the male members for father day every year. They get 3 gifts each. The women get a single carnation each with a mothers day poem printed off the computer. My co worker was also talking about how upset and sad she is, but that she can not express how she feels because she knows her place in the church. Personally, I would not be a member of any church where I could not share my opinion or feelings.

Our Lutheran Church has a female minister, a methodist church close to here has a gay minister and a straight congregation. I never hear of squabbles with them. Just the freaking baptists. My childhood preacher (who I love because he is nice, talks to you, and doesn't scream at you) was kicked out twice because he was seen sitting at a table of 20 in a restaurant and some of the people he was with were drinking, and again because he (who is widowed) married a divorced woman. That's another reason why I love him so I had not been at the church in years but I wanted to walk in and scream lighten up you f**king idiots.

I don't know why I felt like ranting about that, but I did.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??