This is just me but based on what I have seen over the years, most women can color their hair and look better. My mom is 74 and still colors hers. However, with guys, for the most part, it turns into a trainwreack when they color theirs. I'm good with going gray, I just accept it as reality of getting older.
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This is exactly what drives me crazy. It's ok for men to go grey, but women should just suck it up and dye it? I see women all the time in their 70s with dyed hair. My opinion is it *never* looks natural.
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I never said it was OK for men to go gray and for women to dye it. All I said is most men I have seen do it, end up looking awful. Whereas the women (at least most of the time) I've seen do it, generally do not look awful. Whether someone decides to do it or not is immaterial to me.