Worked amazing!!! I had an extra blender almost forgotten in my cupboard, so it's now my hair gel blender. My hair looks and feels amazing!! I used avocado oil and used a bit more Epsom (a pinch more) and 1 tsp Agave, as I didn't have any honeyquats. I stirred in blender and added about 8 drops lavender oil. Refrigerated over night. New HG!!!!
So excited! Made a perfect batch of okra gel today!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1371409943.950948.jpg
3A/3B, coarse, low porosity, high density, iii I believe (?), low to normal elasticity.

CoWash/LI: VO5 Ocean Breeze/Shea Moisture
Style:IOkra Gel/KCCC
Plop 10 min / air dry