Curls Products
- Trade secrets (Prices 13$ and up)
- This a lot cheaper than

Miss Jessies and Kinky Curly Products
- Selected Beauty Supply Outlet stores.
- The BSO by Ray Lawson and Hurontario sells these products.

Giovanni and Aubrey Organics Products
- Sold at most Fortinos grocery store

Jane Carter Solutions Products
- Sold at a beauty supply store called C and J in the Triple A plaza located Kennedy and Clarence in Brampton (Selected Products)

Terresentials Mud wash and Most Organic Hair products including Aztec Bentonite Clay
- Sold at Big Carrot by Chester and Pape in Toronto
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To add to your list above: and loblaws - Giovanni and aubreys

Clore beauty supply (locations in Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough) carries:
Shea Moisture
Kinky Curly
Curls Unleashed
Miss Jessie
Mixed Chicks... and much more with great pricing too.
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I was in the Yonge and Wellesley neighbourhood last week and wandered into Cosmetic World (on Yonge, north of Wellesley) and WHOA, that store was packed to the brim with so many brands of hair products that I'd never heard of before! I only had time to glance around for a few minutes but I saw that they had TIGI, Nexus, AG Hair Cosmetics (the re:coil stuff I've seen people talk about here)...and a ton of other curl-specific brands. I bought a spray bottle, a wide tooth comb and some hair clips (although I haven't tried clipping my hair yet) for less than $10.. I quickly lost track of time, I was so immersed in looking at all the different brands lol..