This may be the strangest thread I've ever started but I hope someone's up for it besides me. Firstly, I typically finger detangle my hair when it's full of conditioner and I'm in the shower. Whatever loose hairs catch on my fingers I collect and set aside because I've had plumbing problems before on account of my shedding where I had to physically remove the hair buildup that had collected in my drain. It was. . . really icky. So I now I just gather one clean hairball per wash and toss it in the trash afterwards. But I've been marveling lately at how little hair I lose since going CG and with (GENTLE!) co-washing. My hairball is consistently the size of quarter every three days. So I snapped a picture of the latest two hairballs which I saved for demo. I'm wondering it's the same for everyone. I was a major shedder before CG. Now I have to say even though my hair looks a fraction of the size it used to since it's all curly and clumpy, I'm not. I keep more hair than I lose, for sure.

For reference, I have coarse, porous BSL hair and I detangle 2-3x a week.
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