Parallel Universes... I don't know. Possibly. I have some theories on that one. I do believe in some sort of circle in life. I think I have known people, that I know now, before. Different place, different time, and we keep finding each other. I once had a person tell me that everyone who means something to you now, has meant something to you before. I completely understood it and agreed. I've had some incredibly intense connections with people that could be defined as "unexplainable".

Aliens... Yes! I think it's silly to believe that we are the only ones floating around out here.

Psychics... With out a doubt. I believe people have gifts. That's a topic that is not taboo where I am from. Someone saying, "My granny had the gift" does not even get a first or second strange look. I think gifts differ with people. I believe in mediums. I believe some are telepathic. I believe some have premonitions, and predictions. I more than believe it.

Me, I happen to appreciate the off beat things in life.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??