Yeah my hair is soooo fine! Its wet right now and it looks like I'm balding! But I have dark blonde hair so it's light colored and fine...which sucks.... But when it's dry it looks like I have thick hair.
I have been mixing Garnier smoothing milk, Pantene Bb cream and a spray of L'oreal Sea salt spray in my hand and raking and scrunching it thru really wet hair. Then I pump and scrunch ( without any gel or mouse) scrunch with a tshirt, then I part and do a twist and twirl to any pieces that look un-defined.
After I use mini butterfly clips to clip my roots for volume and let it air dry.
Air drying is like the ONLY way to dry my hair! I scrunch as much as I can with a tshirt to get rid of water and speed up the processes. I'm cool with not using gel or mouse but the whole air dry thing is not convenient in the winter when the air is dry and 10 degrees lol.Hate Gels,Mouses, plopping/diffusing-imageuploadedbycurltalk1371467029.769219.jpg
That's the end result with my routine of no heat, gel or mouse. Hate Gels,Mouses, plopping/diffusing-imageuploadedbycurltalk1371467147.109675.jpg
This is mouse and defusing ! So frizzy !