OMG! that thunderstorm last night was horrendous!

we got a tornado warning at 7:00 pm and just before 8:00 the storm hit. for about 15 minutes, the wind and rain and hail and lightning were wild.

as it was starting, i remembered that my recycling bins were unsecured on the front porch and went out to get them. at that moment, a massive lightning bolt hit one of the condo buildings about 3 blocks from me. i barely had time to flatten myself against the wall when the shock wave of the thunder hit. my house shook and my ears still feel funny this morning...
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We have had a few of those lately. I looked out one day and noticed it was getting gloomy. I checked the active weather forecast on my tv, and the by the time I looked out my window again I could not see anything. Part of my road washed away in 5 minutes, and the trees were bent in half due to the wind. That one passed, we had about a 40 min break, and the next one hit. It was just as bad.

60% or 70% chance of bad storms today! Yay!
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