Well, I wouldn't say it's a belief. Aliens either exist or they don't. I would say their existence is possible, but contacting or visiting them is less likely. I have little doubt that all those alien abduction stories and crop circles we hear about are bogus.

As for parallel universes, I know physicists work with the multiverse theory, but the concept befuddles me.

There are mentalists and charlatans who do a great job of fooling people into thinking they are psychic, but that's about it.
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This is precisely what's meant as "beliefs." Some ppl strongly believe these things exist...it's more than an opinion. In their mind, it's the truth. But these things may or may not be certain, concrete, absolute metaphysical truths. They aren't laws or established facts bc they cannot be proven or disproven (not yet, at least).

Personally, I have no idea about parallel universes or aliens. But yes, I believe some ppl possess certain intuitive gifts. And in addition, I think God speaks to some ppl more clearly than to others...or some ppl are more skilled at hearing him. And I think the devil works thru other ppl and gives them knowledge about things that they might not ordinarily have. Most of it is just charlatanism, tho IMO.