I am not CG. I tried it for about 4-6 months. I got my hair cut and clarified to remove the cones. It was a horrific experience! I loathed every moment of CG! My hair was dry, full and frizzy...while my scalp was full of buildup. I cowshed exclusively with light conditioners that contained no silicones. All my products were silicone and sulphate free. I low-pooed once a week to try to remove buildup.
Eventually I went back to using silicones and sulphate pooing once a week or once every two weeks. Only my leave ins have silicones. I wash with L'oreal cleansing conditioner and use TN as my rinse out. My current routine as I described above is working beautifully! I just wish I could cut down drying time. My hair just takes FOREVER to dry