I also have the annoying fine hair and have found some things that have really helped. I do a modified version of super soaker, most important is the part with the fine tooth comb, this helps prevent me from getting those thick clumps that show scalp, after I comb, I clip (using Deva clips because they are the only clips that stay in my fine hair), then I wet my hair (wetting part of super soaker) here is where I modify it because I don't want such huge clumps, I use a lot less water, just enough to get hair wet and firm some smaller/medium size clumps.

Then I put in a small amount of holding gel, just enough to hold the wave, I found that I if I use too much my hair gets heavy & weighed down.
Then I do the modified plop described above with the shower cap. I like the shower cap because I can get the effect of plopping without having my hair stick to my head. I only keep it on long enough to do my makeup, then diffuse (pixie method) only till about 80% dry, giving cold shots at the last 30 seconds. Sometimes Smasters method with some more gel if I see frizz starting.

Overall, flaxseed gel has helped the most with frizz. I really notice a difference on the days I skip. Flaxseed gel is really light and more for curl enhancing, not hold, so you can use ALOT without worries of weighing your hair down. I really use this more like I would a leave in and apply (with a curl cream) mostly before I do my combing in SuperSoaker, then apply more after right before my other gel. My hair just drinks this up & I can't ever really use too much Flaxseed gel. I still top with a tad bit of a different gel for hold (this I the one I go light on).
Fine/Thin hair (low density)
Normal porosity
Normal Elasticity

Techniques: Modified Super Soaker, plopping, pixe diffusing, clipping

Low poo: Acure, Y2Cukes
Co Wash: SNRS, Suave Tropical Coconut
Style: FSG (HG!!!!), with HETT & BRHG or Devacurl Ultra light defining Gel
PT: IAGirls Gelatin
DT: GVP CB mixed with Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Agave (or honey).

Favorite Styling tools: Devafuser, Deva clips & Flour Sack Towels