My hair was a lot looser with the relaxer like 3c. But without a relaxer I have tight 4a curls.
Hi Korkscrew your hair is a 3 something right? My friend's hair is like you described. She relaxes her hair but it always reverts back to curly. She says the relaxer helps to tame her curls but it doesn't make it permanently straight. Maybe you have unbreakable protein bonds. That's a good problem to have
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Hi Secretkarma! Yeah you're right. It's a very dense forest of 3b/3c w/some 3a Thanks for letting me know about your friend. It's comforting to hear it wasn't just me failed by relaxers (though I wish none of us went through it). Wish I had unbreakable protein bonds LOL … I see what you're getting at but sadly, I accidentally chemically straightened my hair recently by using a box hair dye that contained too much developer. It was straightened in places and damaged. Not a cute look at all. Had to baby my hair, grow some of it out and switch over to Henna for color.

My hair never stayed straight from relaxers. If I left in a long time to try to get it straight, it would be over processed and break off . I would just wear my hair in a loose curly wash n go. It would only stay straight until I washed it.

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Lashon, more good info – thanks Looks like these relaxers have failed quite a few of us.

Question: When you did your WNGs after having a relaxer, was your hair a lot less curly, or do you think there was very little difference in your curl pattern from before vs. after your relaxer? (Mine was only changed from about a 3b/c to a strong 2c/3a … and that's after relaxing and then trying to blow-drying my wet hair straight )

My mom used to use 2 boxes of Olive Oil's super strength relaxers on my hair and it didn't get ANYWHERE near straight. My hair was still curly, but a lot more manageable. It was such a waste.
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Thanks for more confirmation that relaxers were and still are BS. I just remember being a kid and staring longingly at all those boxed relaxers at the grocery, of women w/straight STRAIGHT hair and thinking I could just slap some of that magic poison, oops I meant lotion, on my head, rinse it out and every strand on my skull would be forever flattened and silky with the sun rising before me amen. Guess not
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