Sorry for all the confusion, I had written that in a rush! Basically, by 'lazy' I mean I like to stick to simple routines, but basically I was just being silly.. What I was trying to get across was that I dont like heat styling, or commercial mousses and gels because they just feel terrible. I use sulfate free shampoo and cone free conditioner (moogoo) and I do oil weekly, but yet to find a deep conditioner I like. Im thinking about making my owl flaxseed gel, and maybe incorporating that into a spritzer. Your probably very correct in suggesting I manually damage my hair, especially when sleeping. So I'll have to look into methods of avoiding that. I think there will have to be lots of practice in my future, because i find hairstyles so challenging, but I've already learnt so much from naturally curly and long hair community (if only long hair community would let me sign up!).
Thankyou for all the advice, and I'm definitely going to look into all your suggestions..I have been looking through all the stickies and articles, and have found some things helpful and will continue on looking!