The gel might be an issue for you too. When I tried that one I found that if I used too much it made me feel sticky. Maybe try a different one. There are a lot of drug store brands you could use. I am really liking herbal essences set me up. It leaves me crunchy when it dries but I can scrunch it out easily. Another favorite around here is la looks sport, it is a very hard hold and was hard to scrunch out for me. But some love it!
2C/3a, Medium Texture, Normal porosity, High Density, Normal Elasticity (so says the LCLF Hair analysis)
Co Wash: As I am
RO: Yes To Carrots / Ion
LI: Biotera / Samy Big Curls Defining Cream
Gel: FSG, Volumax (Original and Mega)
Color: Henna
Tools: Diffusing