Try changing the way you take care of your hair. Do you deep condition once a week or every time you wash? Do you put your hair in protective styles? ( high buns are my favorite and they are easy to do)? If you dont like how small buns look go on youtube n look up How to big bun on short natural curly hair n click on the black girl with the glasses. She really helps. Also do you moisturize your hair n lock it in with oil? Water is a good moisturizer but you have to seal it in or it will go away. U can do the LOC method which means liquid oil then cream. Or u can change it around to your likin but alway use L first. I do LOCO. O yea dont play in ya hair alot if u keep messin with it it can break off easily. I had to learn that the hard way. Smh..... Before you wash your hair detangle gently dont rush cuz u can pull ur hair out. I use my fingers but u can also use a wide tooth comb. Thats all i can think of now but if i think of sumthin else i gotchu.