I believe there is life on other planets. That just makes sense to me. "Life" on other planets might not fit our definition of what "life" is, but I think it's arrogant to assume that we're the only living beings out there.

As for parallel universes, if it's possible, that would be very cool. I'd love, for example, to be able to live in London, Latin America and a couple of U.S. cities simultaneously, working at a variety of cool jobs, etc., etc. Perhaps that's not the same thing as a parallel universe. Parallel earths?

As for psychics, I myself have had enough dreams that have come true, strong intuitive hits that turned out to be correct, etc., that I do believe that some people have psychic gifts. Are there scammers and con artists out there though, taking advantage of people? Absolutely.

But actually, I think we all have the ability/intuitive sense to some degree or another. For me, it's like fiddling with a radio dial. Sometimes the reception comes in more clearly than others.
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