Hi curlies,
I'm reviving this topic...
I bought at Iherb: KCCC, KCKT, KC Come Clean shampoo, AOGPB Shampoo (wanted to buy the conditioner but I accidentally misordered and in fact I like the shampoo so that's ok ), AO Honeysuckle Rose conditioner

First of all I want to say that they ship very very quickly (I had my package 5 days after ordering and I live in Europe) and that I think they are rather cheap (didn't calculate customs tariff though which was a surprise to me, but they are still cheap and I have an idea on how to avoid high customs tariffs in the future moohahhaha).
So I will definitely order again!

On my Iherbwishlist at the moment (I do love the fact that you can make a wishlist on their website):
- AOGPB Conditioner (this time I will get it right)
- AOGPB Conditioner with Lavender/ylang ylang scent
- Walden Farms Thousand Islands Dressing (which has nothing to do with my hair I just like to eat it and I don't find it here)
- Mill Creek Biotin Conditioner
- Now Foods Essential Oils Grapefruit scent (I'm planning to try to make FSG and would like to add a nice scent if that's possible)
- Now Foods Essential Oils Orange scent
- Now Foods Essential Oils Cinnamon Cassia scent

As I said, I am planning to make my own FSG.
What things (that are available on Iherb) do you order to add in your FSG? (links please!)

I'm especially looking for something proteiny and something like aloe vera gel (which I haven't tried yet because I only find it here at ridiculous expensive prices)
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