My 2 cents…

First of all, you are stunning. I also love your curls in the second picture (I can't see the 3rd for some reason) and I really love your eyebrows in that one as well!

I have heard that having shorter/shortish hair can be higher maintenance in the sense that you need to get it cut/shaped more often to keep a certain look. I've only heard that info from anyone sporting a pixie cut. When you do decide to grow it out there is always that awkward stage.

Longer hair is a different sort of high maintenance including deep treatments, using more product, longer showers and longer drying times, the list goes on.

It's nice to have the option to put it up/back for a different look and get it out of you and your baby's way. I would be torn as well, it's a huge decision, but you have a great support group here and we all just want you to know that you will be beautiful no matter what hairstyle you choose!
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