Got my curl mart order yesterday and used the repair me this morning. WOW! Love it!

Still waiting on my shescentit condish.

Now also waiting on some raw ingredients from lotion crafters to continue experimenting with my okra gel recipe!
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Isn't the Repair Me fantastic??!! I regret not finding it sooner but sooooo glad I broke down and purchased it!! I was very pleased that I didn't need a bunch to coat my hair.
I want to make some okra gel but keep forgetting to pick up some okra. Otherwise, I have everything I need to make the gel...

Anyway, I received my Jessicurl RR and CCSS today!!!! Woohoo!! I was in the middle of cleaning so I haven't had time to use them today but will later tonight. I picked the citrus lavender scent (although I LOVE the island naturals scent) just to see which I prefer. I really like the citrus lavender but will definitely order the Island Naturals next time, love it.. When I had my samples I loved using the CCSS over the RR but I think I'm going to try the CCSS alone and see how that works. I have several combos in mind I want to try out with these two new products. Did I already say I LOVE ordering from aveyou??!!!