Ok, so I did all the test thingies on here, and I have dense, coarse hair with low porosity. That REALLY doesn't sound like much fun LOL I used to just wash, condition and air dry. I loved it. Every now and then, I would have to put some curl cream in it, just to tame it on humid days (I'm from Indiana)

I'm not in San Diego anymore. I recently moved to Houston, and it's not so arid anymore. I've been using a Pantene curling mousse, and a Got2b freezing spray because that's all I really have right now. I know there's going to be some trial and error, but I'm trying to minimize it as much as I can. I'll see if I can post a picture a little later. Today it's the curliest I've seen it for a while. I just cut myself some bangs (sort of) and they are amazingly curly, so I'm wondering if I should just start with a clean slate. I don't have any damage or split ends or anything like that, it's in pretty good condition considering.

Oh, and I've also been taking Biotin for hair and nails.