She has gorgeous hair. There is no reason to cornrow her hair unless that holds some cultural significance to you. I would think cornrows would work better on hair that doesn't need to be wet styled once every three days for the amount of time they take to put in. Her hair looks as if it doesn't have a lot of moisture to last the whole day. Do you use a leave in conditioner or leave some of her rinse out conditioner in. Also do you use a gel?

I would also put her hair in two loose braids, one loose braid or a big bun (pineapple) on the top of her head before bed. That should prevent tangles.

What shampoo do you use? You may want to use a nonsulfate one. Her hair looks like it is medium texture so maybe Tresseme Naturals moisturizing conditioner and leave a little in. You can use a cheap gel like LA Looks or Dove hard hold. Dry hair with paper towels or t-shirt. It will be a little damp but let it be. No brushing.

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