I have three biracial daughters and I was constantly encouraged to perm their hair by their father's family... So I did. I have since learned better and they are all natural, however, when they were relaxed I still had to take a straighten iron to it because it always ended up having an weird wave pattern. I complete understand the unsupportive family. My mother as well as their dads family think I am crazy for not relaxing their hair. I don't have much support from either side, but I know what is best for my kids, so their opinions don't matter much to me.
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I don't know how old your daughters are but I personally don't believe in putting relaxers in children's hair. I would not subject my child if I had one to even the possibility of the kind of chemical burns I had.
If they keep bothering you to relax then they must get the vibe they can pressure you enough to change your mind. You n eed to stop engaging in these conversations with them. you let them know in a firm way the answer is no and it is not up for discussion. And every time they start shut that mess down quick. You even give the look like a mama gives when you are one move away from getting your tail beat. They will get the idea. And they will leave you alone.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.