Firefox: You do have valid points, and I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. The internet is not my strongest skill, especially when it comes to interpreting others words. Sometimes, I cannot help but stand up for myself, even if I am not being attacked in the first place. I'm glad I now know what kind of tone you write with, and can better read it in future in the forums. I felt that I had to speak my mind, with the way I was personally reading your responses. I am honestly sorry for offending you, and misreading your writing.

Multicultcurly: my individual strands are very thick, very similiar to sewing threads.

Is there any products that can be found in australia? We don't have a sally's It is very hard to get moisture here, and any moisture you do have is gone in a day. I think I am going to start using conditioner as a leave in like you guys do. I am going to have to look into what a pixie curl is, I have heard about it a couple of times now.

Thankyou for all your advice, I have alot to research and try out now!!