I use Tresemme Naturals moisturising now and really like it, but my hair is vastly different to yours (fine and thin, more's the pity). The balm from Sally's that Cubanwavy mentioned is (I believe) a knock off of a Matrix Biolage one that you can get in Hairhouse Warehouse and probably other places - I used it but it was too much for my hair on a regular basis and is pretty expensive. DeLorenzo do some cg friendly conditioners, I think the one I used to use was Allevi8 which was good but seemed to stop working for me after a while and I've heard other curlies liking Sukin's conditioner but I didn't like it much. Leave-ins are hopeless here (for me anyway) and I buy CJ's Beauticurls from Curlmart and try not to think about the postage!
I have psoriasis on my scalp which is why I tried Moogoo, so I get you on the irritation thing. I'm lucky in one respect that products don't seem to make it worse, sadly don't make it better either.
3b in South Australia.