Hey everyone! I wanted to update what I've been using, because I've actually fallen into a routine of consistently good looking hair. Big thanks to Curlsnswirls for the suggestion about lots of moisture in conjunction with glycerin, because that TOTALLY helped me.

The only thing I'm still "playing" with is cleansing. I switch between co-washing with VO5, using AIA's Coconut Cowash, or SheaMoisture's Moisture Retention shampoo. It depends on how gross my head feels.

I still use GVPCB as my RO--I love this stuff. If they ever get rid of it, I will be the saddest panda in history.

After my RO, I put in a little bit of Yes To Carrots Pampering Conditioner, concentrating on my ends, and then gently comb it through with a Denman brush.

Then I supersoak, and apply FSG (which is plain save for 1/2 a tsp of coconut oil) to my soaking wet hair, get out of the shower and plop immediately, but only long enough to get dressed.

After I take out the plop, I've been scrunching in a bunch of LALSG. I like it to get nice and crunchy. When its dry, I SOTC (though it often gets un-crunchy on its own), and I have been a happy camper.

I even get decent 2nd day hair, by just scrunching in water and a little more gel (and sometimes the Organix curl cream, if I'm bored).

The product junkie in me still wants to play with other stuff, but its nice to have a default routine that works!
2c-Dry climate
Slightly Coarse/Low to Normal Elasticity/Varied Porosity (low at roots, higher at ends)
High density
Mod-CG since 2012

Current Routine (Mod-CG):
Cleanser/Co-wash: Oribe The Cleanse / AIA Coconut Co-wash
LI: Yes to Carrots Pampering Conditioner
Super Soaker
Styler: Homemade FSG with a small bit of coconut oil and LALSG
DT/PT: CJCR / Ion Reconstructor