Well I guess you're right about the caprylyl glycol... I didn't even know it was a humectant! The thing is, for whatever reason only glycerin has given me issues. And even then, if it's listed after an anti-humectant (as in the case with the Alba Botanica leave-in) it hasn't given me problems.
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Same for me, glycerin in the top half of anything I leave in gives me mega frizz but its the second to last ingredient in the SSI okra I use as a LI with almost no frizz issues. Agave nectar and honey high on the list give me moderate frizz too but I haven't noticed an issue with propylene glycol or aloe. All humectants are not created equally. And pairing humectants with oils or butters definitely lessens their negative effects, my hair just can't handle the oils.
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