I love hairhouse warehouse! My boyfriends mum has that shampoo and I steal it all the time :P
Dont itchy scalps just suck!
I uploaded a profile picture of my hair so you can see how thick it is I havent brushed it, washed it or styled it today so it looks quite rediculous but its good enough to show the thickness.
It sucks being a student (studying science, if only I was studying hair hehe) and being so poor! But it just means I need to put in more research before forking out the cash, because hey, my hairs worth it!
The pixie curl method looks great I'll have to give it a shot!
I am new to naturally curly, and I am so astounded by everyones support and replies! Its fantastic! I've already learnt so much, and there is still a mountain of information to climb! Thankgod its holidays so I can do some experimenting!